Custom work

Sometimes you might want to customise or extend a plugin with special features. I recommend using Codeable to find a high quality developer who will be able to help with your project.

I recommend Alejandro and Tamara who work via Codeable. They have over 40 years combined development experience and have great communication skills, including English and Spanish (advanced), German (conversational) and Portuguese (conversational).

How to contact Alejandro and Tamara

You can speak to Alejandro and Tamara about your requirements by creating a project on Codeable. This doesn’t commit you to any work, it’s just a way of starting your communication.

Creating a project on Codeable

To get started, follow this link to Alejandro and Tamara’s profile page. You can find out more here about their experience and reviews.

When you’re ready to create the initial project, click the ‘Hire Alejandro’ button at the top of the page.

You’ll go through to a new page on Codeable which gives you a choice between creating a new project or booking a consultation. I suggest creating a new project – there’s no charge for this at this stage.

On the next screen you’ll be asked to provide some basic information about the project. In most cases you should pick:

  • I need help with: Customising
  • My: Plugin

Click ‘Continue’. You’ll then be able to provide some detail about the work you would like to discuss. Enter as much detail in the ‘Project Description’ field as you can. This will help Alejandro and Tamara to understand your requirements.

On the following screen, you’ll be asked to assess the complexity of your work.

You’ll notice that Codeable generates an automatic estimate for the cost of your project at this stage. Don’t worry too much about this: the actual price will be determined by your discussions with Alejandro and Tamara and the price at this stage is purely a guideline (it can also be fairly inaccurate sometimes).

Finally, you’ll need to create your Codeable account.

Hit ‘Publish my Project’ and you’ll be directed through to a chatroom where you’ll hear from Alejandro and Tamara shortly.

Agreeing a scope of work

When you’ve discussed your project with Alejandro and Tamara, you’ll agree a price, a scope of work, and a timescale. If you’re in agreement with it all, you’ll be asked to make a payment.

View Alejandro and Tamara’s profile now