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Filters for Bookings for WooCommerce

Bookings for WooCommerce has a number of filters available for developers to extend the plugin:

bfwc_booking_not_permitted Update the error message when a user makes a booking that isn’t permitted

bfwc_filter_scheduled_deletion_duration Time in minutes before an unpaid booking is deleted

bfwc_filter_added_to_cart_message Message displayed to user when they add a booking to their cart

bfwc_filter_validation_fail_parameters Message displayed when a booking is missing details

bfwc_filter_validation_fail_booking_exists Message when a user tries to add a booking with a blocked date

bfwc_filter_validation_fail_booking_exists Message when booking parameters are not valid

bfwc_filter_check_in_placeholder Filter the ‘Check in’ label in the calendar

bfwc_filter_check_out_placeholder Filter the ‘Check out’ label in the calendar

bfwc_filter_unit_labels Change the day, night, week labels

bfwc_add_to_cart_text Change the ‘Book Now’ text on the add to cart button

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