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Problems activating your licence

If you are having trouble activating your licence, please take a look below:

Problem activating your license

If you are receiving the following message:

There was a problem in activating your license: your license key has reached its activation limit. Please ensure you enter the correct license key as the plugin will not work correctly without it. Your license key will be on the email you were sent with the download link or on your account page.

Try deactivating then reactivating the licence

Activating a Basic licence on multiple sites

If you have bought a Basic version of the plugin, you will only be able to activate it on one site. You might receive the above message if you are trying to activate the licence on a second site.

If you need to use the licence on more than one site, you’ll need to upgrade it.

Are you running a security plugin like iThemes Security?

The iThemes Security plugin has a setting which may affect updates. To fix this, go to Security> Settings> System Tweaks and disable the Filter Suspicious Query Strings in the URL setting.

Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode plugins

If you’re running a plugin that enables a ‘Coming Soon’ or ‘Maintenance Mode’ message on your site, try disabling this plugin. Go through the steps to activate your Plugin Republic plugin. You can then re-enable the Coming Soon plugin.

Upgrading to Pro?

If you have upgraded to a Pro licence, please see this article.

Activating licences from a bundle

If you have purchased a bundle, please note that each plugin within the bundle has its own individual licence key. The licence key for the bundle itself will not activate.

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